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I was impressed on first ride (dry) at the King of the Rockies race, where we go through a few streams, when typically I notice my lubricant failing quickly and the chain complains under pressure. I didn't see any of that this time with your lubricant.
I'm going to wipe down and re-apply per your instructions, and see how clean the lube process is next.

I must admit, I'm impressed by the lubricant. I just tested it daily at Rebecca's Private Idaho gravel stage race. Each day was dusty and dirty, including creek crossings and long dusty roads. Each day I returned to camp with a black chain, but no noise. Each day I dry-wiped the chain, and each day it became clear and shiny, impressively. The gunk wiped off easily, and I reapplied lube to a completely clean chain. I'm impressed by the deep-rooted cleanliness and durability of the lube.

Thanks for the sample.